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What to say to someone who has Fibromyalgia,

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a list to give to our loved ones and just say “ if you could say two of these things to me a day, it would mean the world to me!, well here’s your list. This is not what to say to a fibro patient but what to say to a fibro patient-

I am here for you. I care about you. I’d really like to help as best as I can. You choose how often, Is that okay with you? You can always lean on me. It’s okay to show your emotions. I want to give you a great, big hug because I care. Let’s talk about how you really feel. Let’s figure out the best way to spend time outdoors, move around, get to appointments, see loved ones. I want to know what you’re going through. What does fibromyalgia feel like? What does Your fatigue feel like? Why is Fibromyalgia sometimes called an “invisible illness” and why does this apply to some people and not to others? What’s a typical day for you? I want to learn about your struggles and successes. Please educate me on Fibro Are you getting enough emotional support? If not, how can I help? I’d like to come for a visit. Let’s schedule a date. Let’s go to a movie/lunch/coffee/dinner/comedy club (fill in your own choices.) I’d love to spend quality time with you. Would you like to make plans to get together with a group of friends? Would you like me to accompany you to your next doctor’s appointment? Would you like me to drive? Are you taking any medication? Can you tell me the name and how it’s supposed to help? What other medications are you taking? What are they for? How are you tolerating them? What tests do you need to have on a regular basis? Is the facility nearby? Would you like me to drive or go with you? Can I help with housework or chores? Do you want me to make purchases for you when I do my own shopping? I’d like to make dinner for you. Tell me what day works best for you and I’ll bring it over. What gives you hope? What inspires you? What gives you courage? What frightens you? What research are you hoping will be approved? Why? Is your housing accessible? If not are you looking to improve/move? How can I help? What daily/weekly exercise do you get? Can I be your exercise buddy? Can I help you find an exercise class that suits your needs? Would you like me to go with you? Would joining a support group be helpful for you? Would you like me to watch your children so you can have some “alone” time or get some sleep? Would you like me to drive your kids to activities to give you time for yourself? What hobbies do you enjoy? Do you want to learn a new one? Do you want to learn together? What movies do you like? What books are you reading? Don’t worry about canceling our social engagement. We can reschedule or let’s see how I can better accommodate you to suit your needs. Would you like to go with me for a manicure/pedicure/massage/haircut? And, the most important statement you can say to someone living with fibromyalgia is ................ I BELIEVE YOU.

These are things that others can do for you but I would like to ask everyone to just say “HI” to one random person everyday.

Saying “HI” to one depressed person could save that person’s life.

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