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A husband's story

My wife was diagnosed last year with Fibromyalgia, and to be honest since then our life has been turned upside down.


My wife and I have two Children, a Daughter aged 12, and our Son aged 9. I have not disclosed my identity not because I am embarrassed but because I wanted to give you a true account of living with a wife who has Fibromyalgia, and I don’t want to upset her, because our situation is upsetting, I look at my beautiful young wife, a Mother who did everything with our two Children from Bike riding, to cooking, to swimming to hardly anything.


The Children are great with my Wife, when she’s not feeling well and she is in bed, they go straight up to see her and can spend age’s, with her talking about what they did at school, going through homework together and watching movies with her.


I find it very hard, everyday pretty much she feels unwell, in the morning she lays in bed stiff, while I get up and get the Children ready she is taking her medication and trying to massage her painful shoulders. I get the kids school bags ready, make their lunch, get the kids dressed and get them their breakfast and this is before I start my day at work. I have a very stressful job making sure all projects that are my responsibility run smoothly and can travel all over Britain. My Boss is aware of my home situation and allows me to be home every night, to be there for my Wife and Children. I can finish work at 19;00 sometimes come home and find the children hasn’t had a proper dinner as my wife is asleep or in too much pain to move, and so I will then start cooking dinner for us all, I will then clean the house, do the washing, make sure the children have a school uniform to wear for the next day, if they don’t I will iron it for them, if it is shower night for the children I will shower them and then get them in bed. Once I am alone, I usually make a cup of coffee for my wife and I and sit down, I am so tired though it is not usually long before I go to bed and sleep, then I wake up and my day begins the exact same. Obviously I don’t mind doing these things but I get so tired, its making me depressed, I am hating my life, I hate what this is doing to my wife, my family, and sometimes I hate my wife.

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