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More and more people with Fibromyalgia are signing up to Pilates classes to improve both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

The benefits of exercise for people with Fibromyalgia are well-known, with research showing that regular and moderate activity can actually reduce fatigue levels, as well as improve things like strength, mobility and bowel and bladder function.
One type of exercise which is proving particularly popular amongst our community is Pilates, with research showing that this core-strengthening exercise can improve balance, mobility and muscle strength, plus lead to greater improvements in cognitive symptoms and quality of life when compared to more traditional exercise.
For those unacquainted, Pilates – according to the NHS website – is a form of exercise “that aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing.” Developed by German-born Joseph Pilates, who believed mental and physical health were closely connected, Pilates exercises are often done on a mat or using special equipment like soft balls and bands.


Developed in the early 20th century by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates.

Main principles include: concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision and flow.

Aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing.

Has something to offer people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness, from beginners to elite athletes.

Pilates exercises are done on a mat or using special equipment.

Practitioners say regular Pilates practice can help improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

Some research suggests it can help with stability and posture issues in people who use wheelchairs.
Some research suggests clinical Pilates could also help with cognitive symptoms of Fibromyalgia.


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