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Do you feel like a fibro prisoner?

Do you feel like a fibro prisoner? Attempting to explain what it’s like to live with a disease like Fibromyalgia is not always easy. Finding the right description for an experience that few others will ever have to endure can be tough. Do you feel Trapped Obviously, the biggest reason for this prison analogy is because we spend a lot of time stuck in one place. If I’m having a bad day and my legs don’t want to work, I stay at home. There are days when the fatigue, numbness, and weakness are so bad, that even moving around my own house seems next to impossible. When even trying to get to the bathroom becomes a difficult task, feeling like I’m imprisoned very much pops into my mind. A lot of people out there think that being on disability is like a holiday, when in reality, it’s more like being in prison. People think we sit and watch daytime television or pamper ourselves all day, which obviously is not true. Routine I have become reliant on my routine. Taking my medication at the same time everyday, having to get rest at the right times, having things set up in a specific way in my house. Not sticking to my routine usually means my body will punish me with an increase in my symptoms. Loneliness Being trapped and not getting out much is certainly part of my feeling like I’m in prison , as is spending a lot of time actually alone, also having a disease that is seldom understood by others, also plays a very big part. Fibromyalgia can be extremely lonely and isolating. That’s why our group is so important, to make new friends and discuss how we are feeling everyday can make a huge difference to how we are feeling. It also important to get out everyday, even if it is a 5 minute walk up the path, it means you are getting fresh air, meeting people and ofcourse exercise. Lots of fibromyalgia groups and sufferers say “we can not exercise, we live in constant pain and always fatigued” but you can exercise a walk down the road is getting exercise. If you do not move your body it will cease up. You may also find the “being in prison” feeling start to disappear, and that’s good for your mental health. If you know someone who has fibromyalgia and can benefit from our group, please feel free to add them or tell them about us.

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