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The Spoon Theory

The Spoon Theory

Have you heard of something called “the spoon theory?” It is supposed to explain someone living with a chronic condition lack of energy to others.

The theory goes like this: Each person in the world has a supply of spoons, and these spoons are what get you through the day.
You get out of bed in the morning? That’s going to cost you a spoon.
You brush your teeth? That’s going to cost another spoon.
Make breakfast? That’s going to cost a few more, and so on....

Each day you wake up and have a new supply of spoons, but the number of spoons you get is only 12 spoons per day, so you have to be very careful with your spoons and plan your day effectively.

I have pondered over this theory for a long time and have been asked in numerous occasions why only 12 spoons?
I can not answer that question and I do believe it is a valid question and what happens when we run out of spoons? To put a limit on it as low as 12 seemed rather small to me so I wanted to try to think of a way to use our spoons but also to reward us.

One day when my spoons were very low Millie and I went for a walk, we were walking very slow as I didn’t feel well. I met a lady I know and we walked for a few minutes talking she made a joke and we started laughing. I started to feel alittle better, the sun was out and the fresh air smelt amazing. I suddenly felt as though I had gained another spoon, I actually had more energy and I was smiling.

I have called family and said the words “I love you” and I think that also warrants another spoon.

If we are good to ourselves and treat ourselves well the spoons will come back to us ten fold.

But this is why we always add spoons to our jewellery- to remind you to look after yourself and reserve some of your spoons for you 💗



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