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Zoe Hill - Founder of Fibromyalgia Research UK

I have been suffering for many years, however I was only formally diagnosed about 15 years ago with Fibromyalgia. Every day is a struggle for me, it always begins the same, waking up stiff and in severe pain. The very first thing I do is take my pills and wait for them to kick in. I am so lucky to have an amazing Husband who does so much for me and our two Children, whilst I am waiting to feel better, my Husband is already getting the kids ready for school, by getting them dressed, teeth brushed and prepares their breakfast. It takes about 20 minutes for my pills to work and then I am able to get up and get dressed, once my Husband knows I am up and ok he leaves for work, and I then take the kids to school, most days I come back home and go back to sleep and I can sleep in till it is time to pick them up again. If I need to clean the house I have to do in succession and have plenty of breaks, like wash the breakfast dishes and then go sit down for about an hour, it will continue like this in till the house work is done and then it is usually time to pick the kids up from school. The evenings consist of me wearing myself out during the day, so I am now in pain again and severely lethargic so I will go back to bed. The Children come and chat to me in bed and sometimes we watch a film. My Husband comes to bed early just to be with me and chat, I know he hates being in bed so early but I just can’t get comfortable on the sofas. I also live with dizziness, IBS, CFS, Low B12, Severe Headaches, Tingling in my fingers, Arthritis, Fibro fog (Loss of memory), Sweating and Flatulence.


I suffer from Depression due to my illness because it upsets me I cannot be as active as I used to be, I have two Children who love the outdoors, bike riding, swimming, playing football and netball, but I struggle to do those things with them, I try but quickly I am back in pain and have to go back to bed, if I have ignored my pain, I suffer for days with agonising pain much worse than my normal days. I need something to change, I have this condition there is nothing I can do about that but I am hoping this Charity will secure enough donations to fund Clinical trials, to research why we get Fibromyalgia, maybe prevent future sufferers, to look into more effective medication, educate Doctors, so when I go to the Doctors with a problem, my problem is not just put under the label of ‘Fibromyalgia’ and is actually investigated appropriately. I want this Charity to make a difference for me, for you and new sufferers.

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