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About Us

Fibromyalgia Research UK charity, began because we are passionate about Fibromyalgia and how it effects people’s lives. People with Fibromyalgia need answers, new research can provide those answers but we need your help to achieve this. Please donate, even if it's a little because we need it a lot.

Fibromyalgia Research Uk have some great projects in the pipe line that we are currently working on. The first one is our Anti Bullying campaign and our second one is trying to get more Men into the Doctors.

The Anti bullying campaign is very important to us because its something that has affected some of our team but also some of our own children.

It is something we would love your help with, so if you have some spare time or ideas we would love to hear from you.

Getting men into the Doctors is extremely important because they are suffering so much without any support or understanding of what is actually happening to them.

we have a facebook group and a you tube channel that you are more than welcome to join and watch, the you tube channel, I must admit I look a state and pull some very unflattering faces but im not there to look pretty. I know things and I am happy to share and I want to help, im not doing a fashion show.

I also suffer with Fibromyalgia and have all the symptoms you have with memory and pain etc, I cant spell very well and you may find mistakes in places, but thats because im human, I do this myself I would rather put the charities money to the people who haven't had any PIP, and need to feed their families, not spend it on a fancy website.

If you have any questions or you are worried about anything please let us know, you can contact us by email us or join our facebook group, we have created lots of support for fibromyalgia sufferers like you, and there is no need to feel alone or scared any more. 


 I have tried to provide as much information on here as I can for you but if you would like to see something else please let me know and ill try and write about it for you. There is lots more information on our Facebook group however.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all our Admins and Moderators on facebook who help to run a fantastic group and keep it safe.

                                                                   our team


Our Vision

‘According to the American Chronic Pain Society, The main symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome are pain and tenderness across the body, with severe tiredness and problems with sleep – around 90% of the people with fibromyalgia syndrome will have problems with sleep. Because the symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome are very varied and fibromyalgia syndrome can be quite difficult to diagnose, the statistics for people with the disorder can vary quite widely, and the figures can often be based on estimates rather than actual numbers’

Our Vision is to change this, we are working on funding clinical trials that will provide definitive results on people being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.


Our Vision is to limit the other conditions linked to Fibromyalgia, and have a definitive diagnosis.


Our Vision is to train doctors on Fibromyalgia and not hide behind it to use to diagnose unrelated illnesses.


Our Vision is to raise awareness for Fibromyalgia, 1 in 40 people have heard Fibromyalgia, whilst 1 in 50 people know Fibromyalgia’s symptoms. These statistics need to change. Fibromyalgia is effecting more people every day, it is scary being told you have Fibromyalgia, but I do not believe it is as scary if you know what you are facing.


Our Vision is to lessen the effect Fibromyalgia has on people’s lives, by providing up to date information, funding clinical trials and discovering new research to possibly prevent Fibromyalgia.


According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, 3-6% of the world’s population has fibromyalgia syndrome. With a projected world population of 6,816,322,780 in April 2010 (based on the US Census Bureau’s US and World Population Clocks), this estimate would mean that somewhere around 200 million to 400 million people worldwide have fibromyalgia syndrome.

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