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Callum 44, Firefighter

I'm a 44 yr old firefighter who felt run down most of last year and was sleeping better than I ever had in my life, but all I wanted to do was sleep.  In February of this year, I had something like the flu in which I ached and had a swollen throat, I had a bad headache and neck ache and so I went to my family doc who said I had all signs of viral meningitis but a lumbar puncture didn't confirm it, and so he said since it was viral, it should go away in a few days. It didn’t go away and left me with vertigo that continued to worsen to the point where I couldn't do anything. 


I had unbelievable anxiety and was almost completely out of it night and day for 3 months, I had neurological problems including tremors, weakness and fatigue and also lost almost 2 stone. I was in constant physical pain, I had memory and brain processing problems as well. 


About 4 months ago, I developed extreme fatigue and aches and pains all over my body as if a bad case of flu multiplied 10x.  I would try to exercise but it was as if my muscles won't build up especially upper body arms. 


I also forgot to mention that during the first 3 months when I was so bad, I didn't sleep night or day even with a multitude of sleeping pills, all of which had the opposite effect of what they were suppose too.  Before this illness, Benedryl would put me out for 10 hrs or more and now wires me.  It's as if my whole metabolism has changed and doesn't work correctly. I am sleeping better but the fatigue and pain are almost unbearable at times. My wife is sympathetic to my condition but I feel like such a failure that I cannot provide for her and our son Taylor who is 15 years old. My Son has more energy than I do, its embarrassing when he wants me to go play football or drive him somewhere I’m too exhausted to do it, I know he is embarrassed by me too although he would never say it.


I haven't been able to work since the end of April and want nothing more than to go back to work doing the job I love most. Firefighting and your website has given me hope that I can get better. I know I am not alone and feel better knowing others are feeling the same as me.

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