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If you are being bullied or you witness someone being bullied there are several things you can do.

14-year-old Megan Evans, killed herself after being bullied online.

Firstly, it’s important to let the victim of bullying know that no-one deserves to be treated that way and it’s not their fault.
They should be encouraged to talk to a parent, family member, carer or trusted teacher but if they feel unable to then writing a letter to them is OK. Or ask them if they have a friend that would be able to go with them or tell them you could go wirh them and tell them what you saw.

Bullying can be physically and emotionally draining so it’s important to get the support of friends and family. Having them involved will also help victims manage stress better. The toughest part about bullying may be getting over what happened to them in the future.
to help with this advises people to write down what they went through as a way of dealing with the trauma. They can also make a plan to overcome bullying and set goals. Adults be subject to bullying at work and other places. They can speak a friend or family member if this happens to them. They could also talk to the person they think is bullying them and warn them to stop or they will make an official complaint. If they are not comfortable with doing this they should take their complaints straight to human resources. There are practical measures everyone can take to stop and prevent online bullying, which is increasing. Social media sites allow users to report bullying or block people who are harassing you through mechanisms that can be accessed on their websites. Victims can also contact a Police Officer who can give advice on how best to proceed. also suggests user do not turn on their location settings as this may lead to bullies finding out where they live. Victims should also tell someone if an online user is behaving inappropriately towards them and they should never meet up with a stranger, especially if they tell them to keep it a secret.

If you ever see someone getting bullied what would you do? Would you watch or help? What kind of person are you or what kind of person do you want you children to be?

If you would like to help or have any ideas please ley us know.

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