Can CBD help Fibromyalgia

Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia will tell you it can be devastating. On some days, simple chores like doing laundry or making breakfast can be exhausting, if not downright impossible.

“There used to be days that I didn’t feel like I could get through the day. I just wanted to cry and go back to bed.”

Commonly characterized as a chronic pain condition, a growing body of evidence suggests that fibromyalgia is a complex neurological disorder, but still currently diagnossed through a Rheumatologist. Beyond chronic pain affecting muscles and connective tissue, sufferers often complain of joint stiffness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, general weakness, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, and cognitive issues (e.g., “fibro fog”).

Can Medical Marijuana be Used as Treatment for Fibromyalgia?


Its hard to treat and impossible disease with no cure, many sufferers are curious about whether cannabis oil can help treat their discomfort.

CBD oil can help treat the pain and help you relax. some people say CBD helps them focus abit more and think more clearly.

there are also different types of CBD ranging from edibles to vaping to patches to orally.

Cannabis for Treating Fibromyalgia vs. Prescription Drugs


 A survey in 2014 of over 1,300 patients. Remarkably, nearly a third — 30 percent of respondents — reported having used medical cannabis.

  • 62% reported cannabis as “very effective” in treating their symptoms

  • 33% reported that cannabis “helped a little”

  • Only 5% said it did not help at all

Contrast these results to FDA-approved medications:

  • A mere 8 – 10% reported Cymbalta, Lyrica, or Savella as “very effective”

  • 60 – 68% responded those drugs “[did] not help at all”

No wonder “big pharma” is scared of cannabis! In the hierarchy of evidence, a survey is not weighted the same as a random-controlled trial. However, given the relative safety profile of cannabis and absence of adverse side effects compared to approved medications.

This is a grest alternative for sufferers that are allergic to medications.

CBD for Fibromyalgia


I believe CBD has less side effects than medications for Fibromyalgia. CBD is natural and very helpful, but like anything CBD will help some people and not others but then you have to try different products and see what helps you.


Pharmaceutical's can cause dizziness, IBS and other nasty symptoms, wouldn't you prefer to manage your symptoms naturally?