We are always looking for great volunteers at Fibromyalgia Research UK, we rely on people like you to help us raise money to research Fibromyalgia. Volunteering with us is a great way to develop your skills, meet new people and work as part of an enthusiastic team.

Volunteering policy

As a volunteer you will have a responsibility to:

    Work with other volunteers, and the general public.

    Aim for high standards, Must be reliable.

    Support, respect and adhere to the equal opportunities,

    health and safety and the data protection act.                       

    And most importantly enjoying your volunteering.


And for all your hard work, we will:

    Find the right role for you wherever possible.  

    Offer appropriate training and support for your role.

    Celebrate success and recognise loyalty and dedication.

    Respect all our volunteers, listen to what you have to say and action new ideas.

    Resolve any concerns fairly and reasonably.

Current projects:

A party in the park – We are currently in the process of organizing a party in the park in wiltshire, if you have any spare time and would like to volunteer, please contact us, we value and need everyone’s help. If you can help or know anyone who can help with the following:

A markuee – Roadie’s to help set up equipment, crowd control and car park duties, put up the posters or sell tickets.

If you are a Band and would like to preform

A Disco DJ

Sound engineers

A security team

If you have a food van and would like to set up at the event, Face painting, inflatables, or tables to sell things.

Or if you would like to sponsor the event, please let us know.


Junior school competition – we are organizing a competition which involves school children 12 and under, if you can help with organizing or would like to offer prizes for the children, please let us know. We are also in need of sponsors.


By Phone (message phone)07974074286

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Waterside Holiday Park & SPA


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