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A poem by Mim Clayton

Mim Clayton is a member of our facebook group, I asked her permission to share her amazing poem with you.

A poem ive written, about my myself To explain my life, my battles with health. I wake each day, in the same old pain, Knowing ill never be "normal" again. A good amount of energy, whats that?! Ive more chance of pulling a rabbit from a hat.

To people who know not, its hard to explain, What its like to exist, with so much pain. You can't get away, theres nowhere to run As you watch your friends living life, having fun. Can you imagine, waking one day, And your previous life has been taken away.

Every day becomes a huge fight, You decide its better to just stay out of sight. And into a deep depression I dive, Wondering the point of being alive. The torment I go through in my head, Knowing to be pain free, I'd need to be dead.

The thing is though, I'm not one to give in. I won't let the fibro or depression win. My battle ill keep fighting day by day. But please take in, what I've had to say.

To people with chronic pain, be kind. You have no idea what its like to be in their mind.

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