Could my Child have fibromyalgia?

Here are some phrases that a child suffering with Fibromyalgia might say or you may notice some of the following symptoms starting to develop within your child. If you do have any concerns please seek medical attention from your GP and ask to be refer to a rheumatologist-

1. Severe pain and cramps after P.E. most parents are told ‘everyone aches after exercise’ but fibro children suffer longer.

2. extreme fatigue - hours in bed or not wanting to do anything, you may notice their personalities changing and they may not want to do things they love. changes in the weather and weakness relating to physical exertion.

3. The fibro pressure points. You can check them yourself any age.

4. RLS, Restless leg syndrome. pain that may keep them up at night shooting through the legs, light and sound sensitivities that are excruciating,

5. Light sensitivity- The sun is so bright to the eyes. Even indoors.

6. Unusual sensitivity to clothing materials, this may occur at any time, don’t make them wear something if they are uncomfortable.

7. Heat intolerance, one minute could be fine and the next be sweating.

8. Neck and shoulder pain almost like your head is to heavy for your neck.

9. irritable bowel syndrome, any kind of pain below the belly button needs to be reported to your GP.

10. Always catching bugs and taking a long time to get over them.

11. A tight squeezing feeling around the limbs that could make them feel lightheaded.
Sometimes even faint.

12. Sleep, does your child sleep a lot? This could be a fibromyalgia symptom.

13. Headaches, have they started saying they get headaches when they didn’t before?


If any of these seem familiar to you either because you have seen them in your child or they have mentioned them act now.


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